Liz’s Quilts

Liz’s Quilts and Liz’s Designs

Liz’s Quilts have been known to be traditional quilts, but in recent years have evolved into master designing of art quilts worthy of a place in any art gallery. Liz has been quilting for 30 years and in the last 8 years Liz is a designer, quilter and an instructor.

Bee Dazzled
Liz receives her inspiration from her immediate environment. She is as masterful a gardener as she is a quilter. Her beautiful flower garden supplies her with flower and animal (yes animal) images to feed her fertile imagination.

Once she has come up with an idea she explores the use of many non-traditional supplies, for Liz’s Quilts, such as textile paints, art sticks yarns and whatever type of fabric helps to create the effect she is looking for.

Once word spread that Liz’s Quilts offered classes utilizing Liz’s own designs, students flocked to her classes. She generously shares everything she knows to help her students to recreate the spectacular quilts that are the subject of the class. The students are also taught free motion quilting, thread play and many other unique techniques that take her quilts far from the realm of a quilt and without a doubt, into the category of art.

All her students go away with pride and satisfaction with their newly created unique hangings. “I cannot believe I did this!” is the most common comment heard in Liz’s classes and the students are very pleased that they attended Liz’s Quilt class.

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Liz’s Quilts courses are divided into three parts.

Part One has, Bee-Dazzled, In The Village, Love Is In The Air, Canada Geese, September Song, Desert Bloom-After The Rain, [NEW] Butterfly Garden, [NEW] Turtle Crossing, [NEW] Summer Companions and [NEW 2013] Poinsettias.

Part Two has, Fine Dining, Turk Cap Lilies, Tropical Punch, The Intruders, Free Range, The Pelicans, [NEW] ShoreBirds and [NEW] The Mission and [NEW 2013Bird of Paradise.

Part Three has, Sunflower II, Tree Top Nesters, [new] The Eagle-Daily Catch, Irises, The First Snow, [new] Just Another Day in the Baja, [NEW] The Daffodils- the First Sign of Spring and [NEW] Blooms and [NEW] Woodland Ballet.

These courses are available at different quilt shops or quilting guilds. All the information for 2013 is available on Liz’s Quilt Calendar.

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